Sheikh Muhammad


I’m an author, and electrical engineer with specializations in electric power system engineering and embedded systems engineering.

I have a fine experience in engineering and design. Experienced in designing embedded systems through Arduino microcontrollers etc. I’ve written articles for various newspapers and I’ve also written multiple books on engineering and technology. And as a hobby I love to write contemporary fiction novels. 


Completed 9+


Published 5+


So far I’ve completed my sixteen years of education at various institutes inside the country. 

The University of Lahore

BS Electrical Engineering.

Aspire Group of Colleges

FSC Pre Engineering

Laurelbank Public School

Matriculation in Science

Expertise in Electrical Engineering Career

During my four years of electrical engineering. I learned a number of useful skills, and these include design skills, software skills, programming skills, etc. 

01. Enginering Skills


02. Programming Skills


03. Embedded Systems Skills


Excptional Software Skills

Software skills that I’ve learned during my engineering degree program.


Following are the certificates that I have received from various national and international universities in various courses over the period of five years.


Following are the projects that I’ve designed and completed during my engineering degree. 

AC DC Converter

Power Electronics

Covid 19 C++ App

Computer Programming

Drone Design

Embedded Systems

Bluetooth Car

Communication Systems

Magnetic Levitation

Control Systems

Digital Voltmeter

Instrumentation & Measurements

Peer - Peer Energy Trading in Microgrids

A microgrid is a local electrical grid with defined electrical boundaries, acting as a single and controllable entity. It is able to operate in grid-connected and in island mode. A ‘Stand-alone microgrid’ or ‘isolated microgrid’ only operates off-the-grid and cannot be connected to a wider electric power system.

P2P energy trading involves a group of participants, including generators, consumers, and prosumers. Peers buy or sell energy directly from each other