Will Held on April 01, 2023

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Embedded Systems Engineering

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About Webinar

The highly complex processing capabilities found in modern digital gadgets utilised in homes, cars, and wearables are made up of embedded systems. This book will demonstrate how to create circuits using various circuit components and how to create programmable circuits with various microcontrollers. The book takes you through the fundamental concepts of embedded systems, including real-time operation and the Internet of Things (IoT). In order to create a high-performance embedded device, the book will also assist you in becoming familiar with embedded system design, circuit design, hardware fabrication, firmware development, and debugging. You’ll explore techniques such as designing electronics circuits, use of modern embedded system software, electronics circuits. By the end of the book, you’ll be able to design and build your own complex digital devices because you’ll have a firm grasp of the ideas underpinning embedded systems, electronic circuits, programmable circuits, microcontrollers, and processors.

Learning Outcomes

After reading this book a reader will have a depth understanding in embedded systems, microcontroller, sensors, actuators, embedded programming. Will be able to understand the modern embedded systems functionality and will be able to design such complex engineering systems. A reader will be able to do the following.

  1. Understand the basics of embedded systems.
  2. Learn the basic, intermediate, and advance embedded programming.
  3. Will be able to work with various microcontrollers and sensors.
  4. Will be able to design own embedded systems. 

Topics Covered in Seminar

The topic to be covered in the webinar are robotics, computer, and embedded systems engineering. This webinar will take its audience from the basic circuit theory to the advance complex engineering systems. Following are the major topics that are going to the be part of this webinar

Circuit & Theory

What are circuits and how these circuits are build up with small circuit elements and why?

Embedded Systems

Deep understanding in the embedded systems from the beginning.


What are Arduinos, Raspberry Pies, STMs and how they are build up.

Programming Languages

What kind of programming languages are used in embedded engineering?

Circuit Designing

Learn how embedded circuits are designed on various software and tools.

Sensors & Modules

Learn how sensors interact with one another and with the microcontrollers.

Design an Embedded System

Understand the challenges engineers face during designing real time embedded systems

Software Development

Write and develop fast algorithms that helps run the embedded system.

Sheikh Muhammad Ibraheem

Electrical Engineer. Author.

Sheikh Muhammad Ibraheem (Born November 20, 2000) is a Pakistani Author and Electrical Engineer. He will receive his BS in Electrical Engineering from The University of Lahore (2023-InshaAllah). He has also received many certificates in Astrophysics, Particle Physics, Electric Power System etc from some of the most reputed universities across the world including the Australian National University, Open University UK, The State University of New York, The University of Edinburgh, etc. Since 2022, he is writing technical articles for “The Engineering Post” which is a national engineering magazine. Since 2021 Ibraheem has self-published many short and long books on engineering and technology. Ibraheem is enthusiastic about modern world technology and currently researching in clean and renewable energy sources, microgrids etc.

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