Is Engineering Good for Me?


A tough Career Choice

We choose a career to insure the future stability in our lives. We choose a career on the basis that it should provide us with good financial benefits, peace of mind, and relaxing work.

In Pakistan where there is not much big industries and technology centres choosing a career becomes a really tough choice. Because of large population with little to no industries the job and business opportunities become less. And this is same for almost every type of degree that is being offered in the country. Here in this article we are specifically talking about engineering education.

Why Engineering?

Most of the people in the country thinks that by doing engineering we have secured our future. But it is not the case in engineering one has to spend his times, money, and lot of brain. And after doing all of that hustle and still a person is not sure about his future then he must not risk it at all.

Engineering is one of the most challenging degrees on the planet. It requires both effort and time. An engineering student has to work hard in the engineering school to get good grades. If the grades are not good enough, then he's already out in the competition where there are hundreds or thousands of different candidates.

If you really want to choose engineering as you major life career then you should choose it on the following bases.
1. How much effort I have to put in it?
2. What will my dream job after 5 years in school?
3. Am I capable of studying the large syllabus of engineering?
4. What will I do if I'm unable to secure a job?
5. What skills should I master in?

Once you are fully aware of what and how you are going to take this degree. The degree will not just be easy for you but you will learn with heart and will be in peace. This peace of mind will allow you to think on other stuff that might be help for you.